About Us

Patti, Sue, Sherry
Artworks is the home of our lovingly selected assortment of items for you and your home. We are located in a historic building just off the Square in downtown Gettysburg, PA. As the new ownership team (Sherry Grim, Sue Zigler, and Patti Greene – two sisters and a cousin), we were ecstatic to buy the store in December 2011. Having grown up in a tightly knit family, we enjoy working together and still believe you can mix business and family.

As we shop for new product lines for the store, we search for items that we love having in our own homes. Many of our items are made by small companies that pay close attention to detail and quality.

If you have any questions or need any help, please call us during business hours (Eastern Standard Time) at 717-334-4250. It’s a pleasure working with you online and come see us when you are in the Gettysburg area!